The microbar™ contains unique features designed to provide comfortable use and enhanced social interaction. These features include a narrow cantilevered counter top, an extremely stable base and ample leaning/resting areas for both occupants.

The narrow counter top (approx. 15”) allows standing and seated occupants to become more or less intimate from across the counter, easily leaning into (or away from) each others personal space.

The cantilevered counter arrangement positions the support post(s) at the outer perimeter of the counter top, giving the seated occupant freedom to slide in and out without hitting the support. It also allows the seated occupant to face the counter top without straddling a post.

The unified base provides extreme stability for the high, narrow top. This allows occupants to lean against the counter without causing it to tip or rotate.

Additional features include foot rests for standing and seated occupants and a back rest area for the seated occupant when facing away from the top.