The microbar™ brings new meaning to the term stadium seating. When constructed with a floor-mounted base, the microbar™ provides a unique alternative to the traditional ball park seat. It gives the occupant a counter top on which to place food and drinks, and an option of either standing or sitting at the counter top. It occupies the same amount of space as the ball park seat, but resides at the front of the walkway instead of the rear. This places traffic movement behind, rather than in front of the spectator. Counter top seating also positions the sitting spectator at a standing level. At this elevation the occupant's view is not obstructed when the person in front stands up to cheer. The microbar™ seat pivots in and out. This allows the occupant to sit comfortably at the counter top or to swing the seat in or out for standing. Swinging the seat in allows the occupant to use the foot rests from a standing position.